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QBIT Speedup Pro Removal Guide

QBIT Speedup Pro Removal

QBIT Speedup Pro Description and Removal Instructions:

Malware Category: PUP/Adware

QBIT Speedup Pro is actually a paid system and registry optimizer considered by the community as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) or adware software.

QBIT Speedup Pro could come bundled with other free software. With user`s agreement, during a “recommended” installation, one could end up with multiple threats installed. There are many cases where users weren`t aware how this software got installed on their machine, leading them to believe that QBIT Speedup Pro is not a legitimate software. The software is also being integrated within the custom installers on many popular download websites. If you may have visited and used such pages, there is a chance that QBIT Speedup Pro was installed by one of their installers.

The distribution of QBIT Speedup Pro is most likely related to installing different third-party toolbars, all kinds of free software, random clicking on ads, pop-up windows, banners or even downloading attached files from your personal e-mail inbox.

QBIT Speedup Pro is technically not a virus. However, the way it works, recalls certain malicious behavior – fake alerts or system errors requesting for an immediate fix. QBIT Speedup Pro appears to be a legitimate application, but it is not recommended for use. The specialists state that there are many errors being left behind, when using the software, and others, supposedly fixed, have suspicious origin. However, the software “guarantees” your money back for the purchase, if not satisfied. It is a matter of personal preference whether to keep it, or to remove from your computer.

*Please note that such software could lead to more malware coming in your computer and even cause a loss of data. Such threats are not to be underestimated!


How To Remove:

There is an automatic removal, using specialized software suite like SpyHunter (recommended for novice users and fast removal), or manual removal method (recommended for experts), using your own skills to remove the infection.


Automatic QBIT Speedup Pro Removal:

We recommend using SpyHunter Malware Security Suite.

You can download and install SpyHunter to detect QBIT Speedup Pro and remove it.


SpyHunter will automatically scan and detect all threats present on your system.

Learn more about SpyHunter, or if you want to check out the Install Instructions. SpyHunter`s free diagnosis offers free scans and detection. You can remove the detected files, processes and registry entries manually, by yourself, or to purchase the full version to perform an automatic removal and also to receive free professional help for any malware related queries by the technical support department.


Manual QBIT Speedup Pro Removal:

*Please note that you should proceed at your own risk. Some incorrectly taken actions might lead to loss of data or destroy your system. Therefore, the manual removal is strongly recommended for experts only. For everyday users, SpywareTechs.com recommends using SpyHunter or any other reputable security solution.


1. Remove QBIT Speedup Pro Uninstall Entry:

Go to Control Panel and click on Programs and Features (Windows Vista/7/8) or Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP) and check the Uninstall Programs` List for any entries related to QBIT Speedup Pro/ Advanced System Protector or MyPC Backup or any third-party add-ons, extensions and toolbars. If you find such, double-click on it and try to remove it. Although, please mind that you may not be able to remove it directly from the list.

*(Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs) or “Win + R” keys to open “Run” and type in “control”, then hit enter.

If the above does not work, follow the steps below:

1. Start Windows Task Manager (right-click on the taskbar and select start task manager) and kill all associated program processes that might still run in the background: QBIT Speedup Pro, Advanced System Protector or MyPC Backup.exe

Now, you should be able to uninstall the QBIT Speedup Pro using its uninstaller.

2. Click on the Start button, navigate to All Programs, locate the QBIT Speedup Pro folder and click on it.

3. You should be able to see the “Uninstall QBIT Speedup Pro” uninstaller. Left-click on it in order to engage the uninstall process.

4. When wizard opens up, click the uninstall button and confirm. You should be able to uninstall successfully.


2. Delete any Files or Folders Related to QBIT Speedup Pro:






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